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Calvin C. Brockington, President

Calvin C. Brockington graduated from Cardozo High School (1965) and Howard University (1970), both in Washington, DC. He holds an accounting degree with a minor in Economics and has licenses as a tax preparer and realtor in the state of Maryland.

Calvin has 50 years of experience and success in his profession which has been provided by several private, distinct companies since 1970. Currently, he is an officer of two family-owned companies incorporated as Optimum Homes, Inc. (a woman-owned small business with an MBE designation) and Optimum Business Services, Inc. (a separate entity). Their combined menu of services includes a full line of commercial and residential sales and property management services; and a complement of A-Z business development services that include technical assistance, organizational formations, tax services, business loan packaging, and business plan and grant-writing services. Achievements include closing retail and commercial sales and project management services of tens of millions of dollars of real estate properties; and providing technical assistance to form and organize over 500 organizations including corporations, partnerships, LLCs, 501 c 3 tax-exempt entities and churches; and preparing over 15,000 income and payroll tax returns for individuals and businesses; and writing business plans, grants, and loan applications to banks, governments and foundations.

Concurrently, during years 2006 thru 2016, Calvin was part-time chairperson and executive director for the Reid Community Development Corporation where he led creating a sustainable business incubator that provided a menu of economic and financial literacy empowerment seminars to thousands of individuals and provided business development workshops and technical assistance to start-up and expanding micro-small businesses.

Also, for 20 years now, Calvin has been a retired Federal employee from the U S Department of Health and Human Services where he was a senior internal auditor for 21 years and a community economic development (CED) program manager for 10 years. As an auditor, he led audit teams in evaluating administration of programs, fiscal systems, and contracts and grants. As a CED program manager he led staff and contractors in administering pre-award, award, and post-award processes of more than $175 million of federal grant funds to 350 Community Development Corporations (CDCs) that, in turn, partnered and joint ventured with local governments and businesses to attract capital and investments to low-income communities and to develop businesses that created jobs, primarily for low-income persons.